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Construction Testing & Engineering, South, Inc.

Construction Quality Assurance

Quality Control Specialists

CTE South, Inc. provides a full organization of service teams for the Quality Assurance Agency, Project Quality Control Managers, Submittal Reviewers, and Special Inspectors for all required Quality Control Specialists through the finished construction process.

We assemble a certified quality control team appropriately selected to suit both general project requirements, and the specific criteria of the client. The formation, preparation and submittal of a Quality Control Plan is geared to relieve the contractor from the often intimidating and time-consuming task of developing such a procedure project schedule.

Quality Assurance Programs

Our consistent history of customer satisfaction is the direct result of fully developed Quality Assurance Programs based on clearly defined Quality Management Procedures. This means securing the services of a qualified, accredited engineering firm and testing laboratory capable of meeting the diversified and often complex project requirements.

Construction Management

  • Contract Analysis
  • Bid Selection
  • Document Preparation

Quality Control Staff

  • QC/QA Managers
  • QC/QA Specialists
  • Submittal Reviews
  • QC/QA Plan / Documents